Revolution – Durham, NC

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I went to Revolution for dinner before checking out a show at the DPAC. We were beyond impressed. The decor was our first “entree” so to speak. Really hip and clean looking. We never had a water glass that went below half full before it was refilled. The bread was delicious.
We started out with an appetizer of prosciutto, arugula, parm, and preserved orange. The orange didn’t quite “fit” for me, but otherwise it was really good. A good clean start to the meal that prepped us for what was to come.

Mark opted to get two appetizers for his main course. Above is a photo of the foie gras BLT made up of foie, serrano ham, arugula, and tomato. He quite enjoyed it. It’s a very rich appetizer but he seemed to love it. For me, it was too rich but I just can’t seem to appreciate foie the way many foodies do. Oh well. I keep trying.

He also ordered the Korean BBQ Short Ribs with kimchee. He’s a big kimchee lover so this was also a winner with him.

Now for my dish. I ordered the seafood paella and it was TOO DIE FOR. Such a lovely sauce. It’s not your classic paella but they did a really good job with it. Each mussel and clam had a bit of rice and vegetables in with it. It was a really neat way to serve paella.

By the end of the meal, we were so full from the food, the bread, the beer (mine non-alcoholic of course…being preggers and all). So we went for an espresso. It was so delicious and I just loved the added touch of the biscotti that was served with it. Those details truly do make a difference.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. They push the envelope more than they do here in Greensboro. Check it out….Their website is:

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