Nigella Lawson is back…

…in my life. My love for Nigella Lawson has been reignited. I don’t even know why the flame fizzled. I used to be obsessed with her show and the foods she made. I have two of her cookbooks and bookmarked many things I wanted to make. I was on a roll 5-6 years ago but slowly lost interest. I think once her show left the Style channel where it was British produced and moved over to the Food Network, it lost something in its appeal. Granted, I would still occasionally make her seared salmon over mashed peas and her linguine with red chili, crab, and watercress (a favorite of my dad’s and he is NOT an adventurous eater….but he sure does love this dish).

But this weekend I decided to revisit her cookbooks. I’m so glad I did. Nigella was the first tv food personality that really got me into cooking. She has such a passion for what she does and uses her words so well that you feel like you can almost taste the food she’s describing.

On Sunday I finally made something that I had been meaning to make for years…black rice with shrimp and a vietnamese spicy sauce. After looking all over for red chillies, I finally found them at Super G (my first experience there). That is a great place. They have everything…even live blue crabs that you can buy.

Ok, so I digress…back to the issue at hand…the dish was really easy to make but still had a great depth of flavor and the black rice gave it such an exotic flair. If you’re curious to see her make it…check out this you tube video: Nigella Lawson on You Tube

For dessert we had these Sweet Red Bean Buns that we steamed. They were delicious. We got them from the Super G. The ingredients were so basic too, so we knew we weren’t getting some kind of over-processed ‘grocery store-type’ item.

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