Amazing Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

I’ve been making this recipe for the last few years and it always turns out so delicious. If you’re looking for ideas check this out.

Thanksgiving turkey recipe (for an 18-pound turkey)

Sage butter (recipe below)
Olive oil
Dried Parsley
Dried oregano
Dried rosemary
Fresh Sage
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Oregano
2 lemons
2 medium onions
2 carrots
3-4 sticks of celery
2-3 cups of chicken stock

Sage butter recipe:
1 stick of butter (leave outside of fridge overnight to soften)
2 tablespoons fresh sage (chopped)

Rinse turkey well and pat dry.

Rub sage butter in between breast and skin (be careful not to break the skin). Sprinkle
plenty of salt on the outside of the turkey. Then sprinkle on the dried rosemary, oregano,
and parsley. Generously pour olive oil on the outside of the turkey and rub all over the
outside of the breast, legs, etc….

Stuff the inside of the turkey with 1-2 quartered lemons, 2 sprigs each of fresh sage,
rosemary, and oregano, 2 celery stalks (cut in half/thirds), and 1 quartered onion.

Then, place 1 quartered onion, 2 carrots (cut in half), and 2 celery stalks (cut in half) at
the bottom of the roasting pan (under the rack). Pour about an inch of chicken stock in.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place turkey on rack in roasting pan and cover to let stand
for 30 minutes to an hour outside of fridge to come to room temp.

Then place aluminum foil over the breast of the turkey. Leave on for the first three hours
of cooking. Baste a few times by using the chicken broth. Continue to add chicken broth
to the bottom of the pan as it evaporates. After 3 hours, remove aluminum foil, allowing
the breast to begin browning.

The turkey will take 4-4.5 hours of cooking (if the turkey is larger, it should cook longer and if it’s smaller than it should cook less)….it’s done either when the turkey timer pops and/or the turkey temp is 165 (checked between the breast and thigh). Let it rest for at least 20 minutes before cutting.

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