La Torre de Escorial (Barcelona)

In search of the Calcot….

Day Two. A day of Gaudi, great weather, and a suprising little restaurant called La Torre de Escorial. We were lucky that it was calcots season when we went, and also lucky that the concierge knew of this place.

Calcots are white onions replanted, left for several months to sprout up through the soil. They are then grilled and dipped in romesco sauce. After seeing Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia and La Predrera we were ready for lunch. It was on the way to Park Guell which made it convienient.

So we take our seat and see the fixed price meal which includes a whole bottle of wine. This seemed like the best option considering the whole menu was in Catalan. The appetizer was bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil. This is a very popular way to eat bread in Spain and is a wonderful change from the typical bread and butter.

Next up was the first course, the calcots.

Now eating these wonderful onions is serious business. There are the gloves and the bib. (we didnt use the bib)


The peeling. You have to peel off the outer layer to get to the middle onion. These can be hot so you have to be quick.


The dipping. You then dip them in the romesco sauce which is tomato based sauce with garlic, almonds, hazlenuts, chile, and red wine.

The tilting of the head. You then tilt your head back to lower the calcot in.

And then the consumption. Ahhh, this is why you come to Barcelona!! Now drink some red wine and repeat.

The third course came and was aplate of different meats. We had pork, chorizo, rabbit, chicken, and a grilled potato. Simple flavors but perfectly cooked.

Then the desert was Crema Catalana which was a delicious custard with torched sugar on top.

This was one of our true Catalan dining experiences with traditional Catalan cuisine and a cozy local feel. If you are in Barcelona during calcots season be sure to seek this place out.