Redi-Et Ethiopian Restaurant – Myrtle Beach, NC

Ok, so who would have thought we’d have some amazing Ethopian food to blog about from Myrtle Beach? But we do! On our last night at the beach we wanted to eat something other than the typical American fare you find there. So we found Redi-Et on Trip Advisor’s website. It was highly recommended. So, we ventured on a 20 minute drive from N. Myrtle Beach to try them out.

When you pull up, you can tell right away it’s kind of a “hole in the wall” and is part of a little strip mall. I can’t lie, I was a little apprehensive for a few moments. But once our waitress (who is also the owner and cook) came up to our table, I felt at ease. She was fairly shy and very sweet.



She started us off with some homemade bread that we were told to dip in clarified butter sprinkle with chili powder (they call it Berbere). It was a great way to start.

We ordered the Vegetarian Sampler and the Siga Tibs. The Vegetarian Sampler comprised a little bit of everything they have on their vegetarian menu.

Siga Tibs
Siga Tibs

And the Siga Tibs was some really delicious flavored cubed meat that came with salad and some vegetables.

If you’re ever in Myrtle Beach then you must check them out. Also, they are really inexpensive. You get a ton of food for the price.  I would love it if we had a place like this here in Greensboro! For more information, you can visit their website.