Salvino’s – Greensboro, NC

Last weekend we went to Salvino’s…my favorite Italian restaurant in Greensboro. They (by far) surpass any other Italian restaurant I’ve been to in the area. The food is perfectly flavored and salted. And the portions are fairly large so you definitely get your money’s worth.

The last meal I had was a linguini with scallops, shrimp, lobster, sundried tomatoes, and scallions in a “rose” sauce (which is a mix of marina and cream). It was delicious. They have the best scallops I’ve ever had around here. There is no fishiness to them at all. My only issue is that there was a little to much sauce for me. But that’s easily resolved by just asking them to go light on the sauce next.

My husband got their classic lasagna Bolognese. He loved it and ate it all! I tried it and it was definitely delish.

So, we would highly recommend this restaurant. The service has also always been great. And fyi, you can’t make reservations there and need to have your entire party there before you get seated.

Their website is: