Bar Inopia (Barcelona)

We heard about Bar Inopia before traveling to Barcelona. Inopia is an innovative tapas restaurant and is owned by Albert Adria, brother of Feran Adria who owns El Bulli (which is outside of Barcelona and considered the most famous restaurant in the world). We went there our first night in Barcelona and had an amazing meal. Not only was food great, but this is where we met a great group of people (from Chicago but now living in Barcelona), who showed us some great spots in the city a few days later.

We started off our meal with chicharones (pork rinds), mixture of olives, and anchovies with white vinegar and olive oil. If anchovies tasted the way they did in Barcelona, we would be eating a lot more of them in the States. There was none of that oversalted, brown, canned fish. This tasted as if it were just caught and filleted that day. Oh, and the olives were not like the canned variety you buy here…they had the perfect amount of salt and didn’t need any seasonings to mask their intense flavors. Our favorite was the larger green olive called the Manzanilla olive.

Next up, fried artichokes. These were not of the canned variety. These were freshly peeled, battered, and fried artichokes with a sprinkle of salt on top. They didn’t need any dips or sauces, the flavors were amazing as it was. And now comes the Batatas Bravas. Now we’re talking fried goodness! It’s hard to relay how fried potatoes can taste so good…but these were not even your typical batatas bravas — medium cut potato pieces, deep fried, topped with a red sauce and a sort of sour cream.

The ham croquettas were smooth, yummy, oozy pieces of lusciousness. The fried sardines were pretty good. Not life changing, but good.

Onto dessert…the pineapple with molasses and lime zest was a surprising treat for the palate. Usually I want my chocolate, but this made me forget that. So refreshing with a touch of sweetness to balance out the tartness of the pineapple. We also enjoyed a cortado and almond cake
(which was delicious as well).

Overall, Inopia is a place you want to visit when you go to Barcelona. It’s hip, frequented by tourists and locals alike…be prepared to wait outside for a spot…

Pinotxo Bar (Barcelona)

Barcelona : 10:00 AM

We took a cab from the airport, checked in to our hotel, threw our bags in the room, and then hit Las Rambla. A couple blocks down was the famous Mercat de la Boqueria where we were looking for some coffee and some food. When you enter La Boqueria you are hit with meat, fruits, tourist taking photos and then Pinotxo Bar where you can start your day right with a glass of cava and a chu chu, and thats what we did. (and then some…)

So as we sit down at the bar we are greeted by Juanito the owner and order two cafe con leches. As we try to decide what we want first Juanito picks up a Xu Xu (Chu Chu) and gives a thumbs up. This pastry was delicious, fried dough with custard in the middle. It was the best pastry we had in Barcelona.

The bar was getting crowded and the staff moved in and out of their small space with ease. They were cooking up calamari, chick peas, lamb stew, and various seafoods. It was time for us to get the next course. Dos copas des cava por favor!!

With cava in hand we are ready for the real stuff. Looking overwhemled Juanito comes to the rescue with suggestions of seafood and meat dishes.

We had heard of the fresh seafood of Barcelona and Juanito recommended the large shrimp and some of the lamb stew.

They grilled the shrimp whole and sprinkled salt on them. They tasted like the sea. We also had seen Bourdain suck the the brains so here was our chance to experience that type of food ecstasy moment. It was briny and salty, full of flavor.

We came back 3 more times to Pinotxo Bar mainly for cortados and xu xus, but we did try another special which were the chick peas. Cooked in oil and mixed with onions, raisins, and pine nuts, this was one of the tastiest dishes we had in Barcelona.

If you get a chance to experience this bar, please do. Everyone from tourists to locals eat here and there is a good reason for it. The food and drink are delicious and the atmosphere gives it that extra charm.